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When the Pollen Collectors are bewitched, the faeries' survival rests upon the shoulders of their children. This quest will lead them directly into the dangers of the forest, where there are whispers of something sinister lurking in the shadows. The tree's life runs short. Set forth now to save the faeries in this grown-up tale of good and evil: The Great Tree.

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  The Great Tree Features:
  * Unique Cut Scenes Immerse You in an Unforgettable Story!
  * 10 Gorgeous and Engaging Environments!
  * Customize Your Character's Attributes!
  * Choose From 10 Enchanted Sets of Wings!
  * Fantastical Powerups Will Aid You in Your Quest!
  * Amazing Environment Creatures Will Test Your Skills!
  * Help Save The Great Tree and Spare Your People From the Ixies!
  The Great Tree: Screenshots

The Great Tree Screenshots! The Great Tree Screenshots! The Great Tree Screenshots! The Great Tree Screenshots! The Great Tree Screenshots!

  Story: In The Beginning...

"We are the people of the forest.  We are known by many names… Sprites, Pixies - some call us faeries.  We've lived in this forest for an eternity; even the elders, including myself, cannot remember any other home." more...  

Characters: Globulocks
The Globulocks are the keepers of the "Liberatus Spiral". The Liberatus Spiral is a powerful spell you will need in order to free the bewitched Swee. While they don't pose much of a threat to you, they do carry a nasty bite. more...


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